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  descendants of 
William Richardson
b. 1796 d. 1878 Scotland
and his son
Battery Sgt. Major William Richardson
b. 1828 Scotland   d. 1876 Canada
"The mark of a Scot of all classes is that he remembers and cherishes the memories of his forebears, good or bad; and there burns alive in him a sense of identity with the dead even to the twentieth generation." -- Robert Louis Stevenson --
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source of much information on this page comes from my cousin in New Zealand  http://familytree.lornahen.com/spRICHARDSON.htm

William Richardson  b. 1796 d. 1878
m. Christian Outerson b. 1797 d. 1870 Dec 15

William Richardson  (the Dancing Master) b. 1796 d. 1878
m. Christian Outerson b. 1797 d. 1870 Dec 15
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welcome to 

This website serves the purpose of being a  tool for identifying, and connecting, information about William Richardson, b. 1828, his ancestors, and descendants.

At the time of launching this site [July 1st,  2003] we know that William Richardson b. 1828 was the son of a William Richardson and Christine Outerson who came from Berwickshire, which is on the border between Scotland and England. In various documents and family memorabilia we see that William Richardson b. 1828 (we refer to as W2) was considered a Scotsman.

We have some information on W2's mother and will be pursing that in the years ahead, and we will also try to ascertain details about W1 - at the time of launching this site no birth or death dates are known - we only know that W2's father was called William, and that his occupation was as a "Dancing Master". Highland dancing was apparently in vogue in the early 1800's and instructing highland dancing was considered a respectable occupation so perhaps this unique vocation may be traceable.

W2 served in the British Army as a non-commissioned officer in the Royal Artillery. Fortunately we have detailed records about his history from his military file and are able to place him at various dates and locations throughout the mid-1800's til his death in Kingston Ontario in 1876. Apparently W2 bought some property in Kingston, upon his retirement from the army, and it became a well known tavern and hotel so this may prove traceable and we will ascertain further details. W2 was also a Mason, and his sons were masons, and grandsons, and great-great grandson W6

The author of this website has been greatly helped in this "cyber construction project" by a lot of work that was already done years ago by my father, (W5) Prof. William George Richardson, CD and  my cousin in British Columbia, Dr. Don Longley, grandson of Charlotte (Lottie) Richardson b. 1869. Dr. Longley has compiled a detailed database of the "west coast Richardsons" and was very kind in sharing this with the author of this site in the 4th week of June 2003. W5 the father of the author of this site, had spent 20 years intermittently gathering information on W2 including trips to Berwickshire and for his long standing work on this "project" I am most sincerely appreciative.
In late June 2003 W6 bought the domain www.williamrichardson.ca and began to put these pages up. 
We also have a lot of cousins that ended up settling in the United States so even though the site is "www.williamrichardson.ca" we will of course equally include, and represent, all our American relatives since, after all, in each of us, a part came from the same place on the Scottish Border.
What's with the W1, W2, W3 ???
Well, perhaps be accident, or subconscious design, we have a lot of William Richardsons, one following the other, father to son. The person who did most of the work to get this site going was William G. Richardson [b. 1933]. The author and webmaster of the site is William T.G. Richardson [b. 1959]. The site is about William Richardson [b. 1828] and, to keep all these Williams distinct, we came up with a numbering system which might be considered silly, but it it gets confusing unless you have some way of differentiating all the Williams - if you know a better way, tell me, and I might use it.


Detailed list from W1 to first 6 generations
W1 William Richardson
m. Christian Outerson b. 1797 d. 1870 Dec 15 
W2 William Richardson  1828 - 1876
- born in Berwickshire, UK; died in Kingston, Ontario, m. Jane Francis  1827 - 1901
Annie Richardson m. Thomas Farrel
. Ethel M. Farrel d. 1973
. .
W3William Richardson b. 20 Nov 1859 d. 18 Dec 1933
- born in Portsmouth, U.K. - raised in Kingston, Ontario - died in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
W4 William Richardson b. 1883 d. 1953
.. ,
Herbert Stanley Richardson b. 1886 d. 1940
Audrey Richardson
Harold Baker
Norma Baker
Valerie Baker
Shelly Baker
Evelynn Richardson
Cathy McDermott
Donald McDermott
Lola Irene Richardson
Heather Lynn Greening
Marnie Elizabeth Greening
, . William Arthur Greening
John (Jack) Robert Richardson b. 29 Nov 1888
. .
Charles Franklin Richardson b. 20 July 1891 died 1 Aug 1891
Frank Boswick Cameron Richardson b. 8 Jan 1894 d. 1974
Margaret Richardson b. 1925
Patricia Proudfoot
Martha Jane Proudfoot
Robert Proudfoot
. ,
Frances Richardson b. 1927
Gretchen Crawford
Kristi Crawford
Johanna Crawford
Ingrid Crawford
W5 William George Richardson b. 1933
W6 William Timothy George Richardson b. 195X
James Taylor Richardson b. 196X
Elizabeth Jane Richardson b. 196X
John R. Richardson b. 1863  - served in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the Yukon
Catherine Richardson b. 1865  m. Irwin
William Harry Irwin b. 1882
Thomas A. Irwin b. 1883
Catherine Irwin b. 1915
Thomas Irwin b. 1917
William Irwin b. 1920
Russel L. Irwin b. 1925
Randall J. Irwin b. 195X
Lawrence E. Irwin b. 1885
Anna E. Irwin b. 1887
Leila Kate Irwin b. 1889
Russel K. Irwin b. 1896
Helen (Nellie) Richardson b. 1866 - not married,  no descendants
Christina Maud Richardson b. 1867 m. William.J. McMartin
Ruth McMartin b. 1897 m. Guy Seddon Clarkson b. 1892
Diana Clarkson
Richard Clarkson
Evelyn Clarkson
Daphne McCannel
N. Guy E. McCannel b. 195X
M. Kim McCannel b. 195X
Dorothy McMartin
Robert Bruce McMartin b. 1900
3 other children died in childhood
Charlotte (Lottie) Richardson b. 1869 Kingston, Ont. d. 1948
m. Herbert William Baker b. 1869 July 24  in Portsmouth,Ontario d. 1959 in Vancouver
Married: 14 Jun 1898 in Portage-La-Prairie
Russell K. Baker
Herbert (Gordon) Baker b. 1906
Margaret Cameron Baker b. 1939
Katharine E. Baker b. 1940
Alexander David Baker b. 1944
James Gordon Baker b. 1949
Donald Richardson Baker b. 1899 d. 1974
Wallace Reiser Baker b. 1900 d. 1950
Helen Francis Baker b. 1902 d. 1974
James (Don) Longley b. 1927
Mary (Nina) Longley b. 1939 d. 1946
Angela Longley b. 1948
Margaret Richardson b. 23 May 1871
Albert Kenneth Richardson b. 13 Aug 1873
google reveal nothing for "Albert Kenneth Richardson" 1873 when checked 2010 April
John Richardson - b. 1830 in Whitsome Parish, Berwickshire, Scotland
Christina Richardson b. 1860 in Edinburgh
John Simpson Richardson b. 1861 in Edinburgh
James Allan Richardson b. 1865 in Edinburgh
Elizabeth Richardson b. 1875 in Edinburgh
Margaret Richardson b. 1833 Feb 13 d. 1843 Jan 26th
George Richardson b. 1837 - no known descendants


The creator of this website, and the author of the pages herein is
William Timothy George Richardson 
son of William George Richardson
This site was just begun Canada Day weekend [July 1st]  2003 so if there are errors, which I am sure there are, please email me and I will change them, or add in the info
(do not include the " " when you type the address)

Your patience is appreciated while I build the basic pages and links

In October 2002 I survived a near-fatal motorcycle accident. I have since recovered, mostly, but there was a time when I wondered about whether I had done enough to prepare my 3 young children for things that lie ahead and one of the things I wanted them to know about was the colourful and rich family history they have on my Dougherty side (my mother) and my Richardson side (my father). After I became able to sit upright for longer periods, I decided to use my web design skills to build this site for sharing with my cousins, and building something to tell my children Douglas 17 (W7) , Taylor 14 and Sarah 11.
brief summary
 http://www.pglelb.org.uk/contacts.html Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lothian and Berwickshire
emailed Provincial Grand Master   George R. J. Donnelly george.donnelly1@virgin.net June 2010

The 1891 census listed 4,300 Richardsons living in Scotland

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