William Richardson and Christine Outerson
(spelled also Outterson in many records)
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click to view larger William Richardson b.1796 had 4 children, but only two had children
- son William Richardson b. 1828 moved to Canada and most of his descendants live in Canada and the United States
- son John Richardson b. 1830 stayed in Scotland and most of his descendants live in England now, and some in Scotland.
chart showing siblings of William Richardson and his father and mother - as of 2011 Dec, we do not know if any of William (b. 1796) had siblings that had children.
William Richardson
William Richardson, wife Christine Outerson
- four children
William (W2) - born 1828 Jan 08 in town of Horndean in Ladykirk Parish in Berwickshire

wife Christine Outerson b. 1797 d. 1870 Dec 15
buried in Swinton Parish of County of Berwickshire in Scotland 

They lived in Whitsome in 1833 because that is where their daughter Margaret was born
Evidence suggests they later were in Swinton parish by 1843 cause their  10yr old daughter was buried in Swinton

In the 1851 census William Richardson and wife Christine were living in Whitsome Parish in Berwickshire

William Richardson b. 1796
m. Christian Outerson b. 1797 d. 1870
William Richardson b. 1828 d. 1876
m. Jane Francis b. 1827 d. 1901
- immigrated to Canada
Annie Richardson
William Richardson b. 1859 d. 1933
John R. Richardson b. 1863
Catherine Richardson b. 1865
Helen (Nellie) Richardson b. 1866
Christina Maud Richardson b. 1867
Charlotte Richardson b. 1869 d. 1948
. John Richardson b. 1830
m. Elizabeth Simpson, b. 1831 in Ladykirk Parish
Margaret Richardson
born 1833 Feb 13 in Whitsome Parish
died 1843 Jan 26 in Swinton Parish
- died a few weeks shy of her 10th birthday
George Richardson b. 1837
- no known descendants
click to read more The question of William Richardson "the dancing master" was discussed by phone Dec 4th 2011 between Tim Richardson and Kevin Bruce. As cousin Kevin knows something about such arts, he kindly put together and "appraisal" of what this matter might involved and i invite youto click on the screen capture of the PDF to read more.

suspecting that W1 might have been a member of the 
I contacted
Bro. George Donnelly, P.G. Master, East Lothian & Berwickshire, Scotland in Jan 2007

Bro. George said
"There were three Lodges in existance in Berwickshire at this time. Lodge Dunse No. 23 formed about 1726, Lodge St. Ebbe No. 70 (My own Lodge) formed 14.11.1757 (as you will see we will be 250 years old this year) and Lodge St. John No. 280 formed 1819. All three Lodges are still in existance in the towns of Duns, Eyemouth and Coldstream where they were originally founded.

I would imagine that the most likely candidate would be Lodge Dunse 23 which was in the 1830's the County Town and Swinton is some four miles from Duns. Eyemouth is 15 miles and Coldstream some 11 miles from Swinton. As the means of transport in those days would have been on foot or by horse Dunse seems the most likely. I shall be in contact with the Lodge secretary over the next few days and ask him to research their records and shall be int touch with you as soon as we have some news."

suspecting that W1 might have served in the Coldstream Guards, which was based in Berwickshire, I began, in May 2006, to look for information about any William Richardsons re: the "Guards" in the late 1780's 1790's or early 1800's

Found two W. Richardsons
"First Life Guards—Cornet William Richardson, wounded severely." 
"Fourth Foot, first battalion - Adjutant W. M. Richardson"

in a battle during the Napoleonic War 18 June 1815 
listed in the Officer Casualty List for the Anglo-Allied Army from  http://napoleonic-literature.com/WE/Casualties-18_June.html

John Richardson m. 1749 - possible grandfather of W1 
UPDATED 2011 Dec 04 - the following chart below does not apply  ---------- the father of William Richardson b. 1796 was James Richardson says cousin Kevin Bruce

- originally this info came from  http://genforum.genealogy.com/cgi-bin/pageload.cgi?scotland::richardson::6797.html
is not confirmed as a relative
- we find the coincidence of his children's name, location and dates very very interesting (July 4  2003)
- this info comes from a post November 15, 2001 on http://genforum.genealogy.com/ by a E.Jamieson - I emailed evan.jamieson@bigpond.com and we exchanged emails in early July 2003
- July 9th, 2003 I also saw this info on IGI http://www.familysearch.org - the website of the Mormons - it was not possible to go back futher with John and Isabell
- IGI did not show any children for William Richardson chr. 1754 so it is only a guess if he was the father of W1 b. 178?/179?
John Richardson
m. 1749 October 13  found in ICI Batch # M118084
Isabell Wilson
Isabel Richardson . b. 1752 April 5 Stichel, Roxburghshire
married David Craik d. 1823 Jan 01 aged 60 yrs
Alexander Craik d. 6/3/1794 aged 7 weeks
William Richardson b. 1754 chr May 22 Eccles, Berwickshire in ICI Batch # 7104917 sheet 88
Elizabeth Richardson b. 1756 chr Dec 24 Eccles in ICI Batch # 7104917 sheet 87
Margaret Richardson b. 1759 Oct 19 Eccles
- also found b. 1759 chr Sept 29th -  in Eccles in ICI Batch #  7104917
- also found b. 1759 chr Oct 29th in Eccles in ICI Batch # C117372 (mother listed as Isobele Wilson, father John Richardson)
- also found b. 1759 chr Mar 01, 1760 in Whitsome in ICI Batch # C117572 (father listed as John Richardson, no mother listed)
Robert Richardson b. 1765 chr June 9 Eccles in ICI Batch #  7104917
m. 1787 Nov 25 in Ednam to Margaret Smith.
Jannet Richardson b. 1788 chr Nov 2 Ednam - in ICI Batch #  C117882
Elizabeth Richardson b. 1800 chr Oct 7, Edrom - in ICI Batch # C117382
Isabel Richardson 1802 July 10 Edrom
James Richardson b. 1804 Mar 14, chr April 18,  Pencaitland - in ICI Batch #  7627449
Euphemia Richardson 1805 Aug 14 Pencaitland.
m. John Tyson
Christina Tyson b. about 1828
James Tyson b. about 1832 Sept 30
Grace Tyson b. about 1833 Dec 22
Andrew Tyson b. about 1835 April 26
Isabella Tyson b. 1840
Francis Richardson 1809 Sept 29 Pencaitland - could not find in ICI
Johnston Richardson 1814 Feb 15 Pencaitland - could not find in ICI
Frances (f) Richardson b. 1770 chr Oct 24 Eccles - in ICI Batch # 7104917
interesting ... Isabell, changed to Isabel, changes to Isabella

John Richardson
son - James Richardson chr 1767  Mar 20   Eccles, Berwick - in ICI Batch # 7104917
- I wonder if this James is a missing sibling of Isabel, William, Elizabeth, Margaret, Robert, Frances listed above
- this James had no other details listed in ICI - no mother's name, just father John Richardson

information about Isabel Richardson . b. 1752 April 5 Stichel, Roxburghshire married David Craik comes from Sue Oliver in Sept 2003 from a visit of her mum who lives near Duns in Berwickshire, went to her local library for me and photocopies some pages from the gravestone book

Craiks and Richardsons
- we have a male Richardson marrying a female Craik - John Richardson d. 1767, aged 40, and his wife, Margaret Craik, 18/1/1793, aged 78 yrs
- we have a female Richardson marrying a male Craik - Isabel Richardson . b. 1752 April 5 Stichel, Roxburghshire married David Craik

Misc findings of William Richardson
"During a meet at Soukerry, the 18-year old William Richardson of Caldbeck, England scores his first trophy in Cumberland wrestling. A joiner by trade, Richardson never had a single fall recorded against him between 1801 and 1809, despite attending nearly every belted wrestling event in the country. A strongly built man with round shoulders and back, Richardson stood 5’9" in height and weighed about 200 pounds. His official prize was usually a leather belt with his name on it and enough cloth to make a pair of pants. As with boxing, the real money rode on the side bets."

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