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over all map of Scotland: We're from the south-east on the border with northern England
m red marks the area where these little parishes where within Berwickshire
Mapquest shows the place names that feature most prominently in the birth places and resting places of W1 and W2's generations

Whitsome, home of William and Christian late 1820's to early 1830's
W2 was born in Whitsome 1828
- son John was born in Whitsome 1830
- daughter Margaret was born in Whitsome 1833

10 years later, Margaret was buried in Swinton in 1843
- so we presume W1 and Christian were living in Swinton in mid-1840's

When I look for names in the various online databases, I concentrate on Berwickshire, but I also check Roxburghshire to the west and East Lothian, to the north

Google Maps shows the places a bit more clearly 

Google Maps showing the Satellite view

seems to be mostly farming

http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/sct/BEW/map.html "map from the Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland, edited by John Marius Wilson and published by A. Fullarton & Co. in 1868. This map, which appears in
volume I of the gazetteer opposite page 157, was drawn by W. Johnston and engraved by W. Smith."


from a page created by Vivienne S Dunstan

http://www.nls.uk/digitallibrary/map/early/counties.html Found this site 2004 March 9th, 
haven't check it out much yet
1832 Whitsome

Old map of Whitsome Parish from
John Thomson's Atlas of Scotland, 1832

Area immediately surrounding  Whitsome Parish from
John Thomson's Atlas of Scotland, 1832


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