Christina Maud Richardson b. 1867 daughter of William Richardson b. 1828 Scotland
. .
Christina Maud Richardson b. 1867 m. W.J. McMartin
Ruth McMartin
Diana Clarkson
Richard Clarkson
Evelyn Clarkson b. 1927 - d. 1989
married Warren E. McCannel
Daphne McCannel
N. Guy E. McCannel b. 1952
M. Kim McCannel b. 1956
Dorothy McMartin
Robert Bruce McMartin
3 other children died in childhood
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W.J. McMartin
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Westeel, a subsidiary of the Vicwest corporation as of 2005, is a Canadian grain bin manufacturing company. They are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It was founded by W. J. McMartin in 1905 under the name “Winnipeg Ceiling and Roofing Company” 
Vicwest Income Fund is an open-ended, limited-purpose investment trust based in Oakville, Ontario

  • Colin Osborne CEO 905-469-5700
  • John Slattery, Executive Vice President & CFO 905-469-5706
  • Gwen Hughes, Vice President, Human Resources

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Westeel Winnipeg,  Ph. 204-233-7133
Customer Service Toll Free Fax: 1-888-463-6012

- what fits?
1. Winnipeg
2. date

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Ruth McMartin
June 2010 no Google results for Ruth McMartin and Clarkson
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Robert Bruce McMartin
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"Robert Bruce McMartin - 76th Battery, Canadian Field Artillery. Born 29/5/1900 Duluth, Minnesota, USA. Next of kin: William John McMartin, 283 Kingsway Avenue, Winnipeg. Occupation: Clerk. Attestation: 29/10/1918 Winnipeg." at

- what fits?
1. brother in Manitoba
2. being in Artillery - his grandfather was Artillery

- what doesn't fit
1. brother has the wrong name

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Daphne McCannel
June 2010 no Google results for Daphne McCannel or Kim McCannel or Guy McCannel

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